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I somehow see what's beautiful

in things that are ephemeral

i'm just sitting on the shelf
3 July
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Dream a little, dream of me
this is about life vs. dreams
A 23-year-old Brazilian girl who falls in love with fictional characters and dreams of living in a little city called London. Spoiler alert: one day she'll eventually make it.
i like art. i like to write, even though i don't do it a lot. i read everything that has words on it. my mp3 player follows me everywhere. i know every lyric to every song, which amazes most people. my favorite drink in the whole world is coffee. i love to make people laugh. i'm incredibly goofy. my mouth moves faster than my brain processes words. i'd rather wake up really early and walk alone during hours than being at home sleeping. i can quote and sing inumerous musicals like nobody else. i wish i lived in london. i can't stand the sun. i think the rain is underrated. music + films = life. yes, i'm strangely obsessed with a little tv show called the office.
arrested development, books, chuck, death cab for cutie, fiction, himym, little miss sunshine, moulin rouge!, music, musicals, pan's labyrinth, romance, john krasinski, becky bloom, series, the big bang theory, the format, the fratellis, the killers, the office, tv series
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